Changes to our rewards program

We’re changing the way that we reward our regular customers. From 1 July 2019 we will no longer be issuing Legends vouchers to those customers who have travelled on nine, 19 or 29 trips with us. 

Why? We want to reward more of our customers, more often. We’ll be doing this through our email program, with subscribers given access to sales, new trips and competitions.  You can join our email database, by signing up here.

If you’ve qualified for Legend status but not received your voucher yet, we don’t want you to miss out. Please register your trips here by midnight 30 June 2019

Travelled with us nine times?

Then you could be eligible for a Legends reward for your next trip. We don’t want you to miss out on your voucher. You must register your trips here by midnight 30 June 2019 and our team will get in touch to confirm your new Legend status! 

Approaching your 20th or 30th trip?

You'll still receive an additional Legends reward for both your 20th and 30th trips with us. If you have travelled with us 30 times you will become an Ultimate Legend, and receive a 10% discount for your 31st trip onwards (the same conditions apply as using your Legends rewards). You must register your trips here by midnight 30 June 2019 and our team will get in touch to confirm your Legend status! 

What if I am an existing Legend and I haven't used my voucher yet?

If you’re an existing Legend and you have a voucher that you have not redeemed, we don’t want you to miss out either, so you can use the voucher anytime towards your next trip with Adventure Tours.

What if I am an Ultimate Legend?

If you’re one of the absolute legends who have travelled with us more than 30 times, you’re still an Ultimate Legend and will keep your 10% discount for life. 


Trip eligibility:

What counts towards your Legends reward?

  • Travel on a small group adventure with Adventure Tours Australia.
  • A combination (combo) trip will count towards your Legends reward; however, as these already have a price reduction built into them, they will only count as one trip towards your reward.
  • Small group adventures taken with our sister brands: Intrepid Travel, Geckos Adventures and Peregrine.

What doesn't count?

  • Single day trips.
  • Urban Adventures.


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Redeeming your Legends reward:

What can I redeem my Legends reward for?

  • Your tenth trip! This covers all regular inclusions you would receive when you normally book one of our tours. You may select any trip (subject to the exclusions opposite) and apply the value of the Legends reward to that trip cost in your local booking currency. The reward value cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, and will be applied against the full cost of the trip. 
  • If available, the Legends reward may also be used towards pre- or post-accommodation, single supplement and transfers when booked in conjunction with your chosen trip.
  • *The local booking currency reward amounts for 2019 are USD1,400 : AUD1,800 : CAD1,700 : GBP900 : NZD2,000 : EUR1.300 : CHF1.300 : ZAR17,000. Your reward must be redeemed in your local booking currency. These amounts may be reviewed annually.
  • Please note that the Legends reward applies to passengers who have travelled with Adventure Tours Australia for the majority of their nine eligible trips. If you have completed a greater number of trips with one of our sister brands, you’ll still be eligible for a Legends reward but under that brand’s unique rewards program. If you're unsure, contact us for information.
What can't I use it for?
  • Anything additional outside of the regular trip inclusions, such as airfares, optional activities, permits, visas and insurance.
  • A trip you have already booked (the reward cannot be applied retrospectively). If you have already booked your tenth trip, it can be applied to the next booking you make.
  • Polar products operated by our partner Quark, Adventure Cruising products operated by our partner Variety Cruises and Overland products operated by our partner Dragoman as these partners have their own loyalty programs. 
  • Legends rewards are not transferable, may not be redeemed for cash and cannot be split across multiple bookings. 
  • Single day trips.
  • Urban Adventures.

Additional terms & conditions:

All bookings are subject to availability and our booking conditions. The Legends reward program is subject to change at any time.