We’ve always greatly respected the heritage and traditions of the First Australians.

Back in 1998 we were the first tour company to advise our travellers against climbing Uluru on account of its sacred significance to numerous First Nations cultures. The close working partnerships we’ve established with First Nations’ communities continue to inform our understanding of the land, as well as inspire in our travellers an appreciation for one of the world’s oldest living cultures. Below are some of the partners that we’re proud to work with.  

Maruku Arts

Nearly 900 artists make up the collective arts hub Maruku, which is owned and operated by the Anangu people (who originate from the Western and Central deserts of Australia). Maruku’s purpose is to keep the Anangu culture alive through art and to make their culture accessible for those seeking an in-depth understanding. Today Maruku is one of the largest and most successful First Nations’-owned operations in Australia, with programs including tours, painting and carving workshops, traditional ceremonies and art exhibitions. 

Trip Name Days From AUD
Uluru Adventure (Yulara to Alice Springs)



Overnight Uluru Adventure (Yulara to Yulara)



Uluru Adventure (Alice Springs to Alice Springs)




Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Sacred homeland of the Limilngan–Wulna people, Wulna country lies between Darwin and Kakadu National Park. The focus here is on introducing visitors to First Nations cultures and customs through a range of interactive experiences. Check out spear-throwing demos, see a didgeridoo demonstration and pick up some outback survival tips on a guided bush tucker tour.

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Top End & Litchfield Camping Adventure



Kakadu, Arnhem Land, Katherine & Litchfield Adventure



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