You might be surprised to find anything growing in the unforgiving red soil of the Australian Outback, but it’s all just a matter of where you look.

Indigenous communities have long known the secrets to foraging for delicious native ingredients, and we think it’s high time the rest of Australia started celebrating the unique flavours of the bush.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Aussie bush tucker specialist Andrew Fielke to create exclusive menus for each of our Red Centre and Top End adventures. Now you can not only see and hear the Outback, but taste it too!

With dishes featuring lemon myrtle, desert lime, quandong, kangaroo and even some emu ­– this is the taste of real Australia. 

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The flavours of the bush

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle

What could taste ‘lemonier’ than an actual lemon? The versatile lemon myrtle tree pulls it off thanks to its extraordinarily high levels of citral. The leaves offer an intense yet refreshing aroma that pairs perfectly with teas, cakes and ice cream. 



Also known as a desert peach, the humble quandong is a popular choice in sauces, jams and preserves due to its tart taste. It’s well-regarded for its high Vitamin C levels, antioxidant properties and medicinal value, and the aromatic bark of the quandong tree is used by some Indigenous groups in their smoking ceremonies.

A wattleseed pod


Found inside pods that have dried out and shrunk in the heat, the wattleseed still manages to pack a flavor punch. The small black seeds are roasted and then ground to a fine powder that can be used in coffee, chocolate and cakes. One nifty idea is to use wattleseed flour in preparing traditional damper (Aussie camping bread), creating a rich nutty flavour.

Red Kangaroo


We’re proud to say that Australia is one of the few countries that eats its national coat of arms (yep, you can enjoy emu here, too). You won’t find kangaroo farms Down Under, though. All meat is taken directly from the wild, where thriving kangaroo populations are considered a pest. The meat is a fantastic source of lean protein, with almost no saturated fat.  

Menu highlights

The saying goes, ‘You eat with your eyes first’. So feast your eyes on these delicious sneak (or should we say snack) previews of our exclusive Alice Springs and Top End menus.


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