We’d love to say it took a series of high-level brainstorming sessions to come up with Australia’s most celebrated tour company, but the truth is it was all a whole lot simpler than that. Inspiration hit in the early 90s, when one canny Alice Springs local called Ken realised that travellers were flying into his hometown in droves, but didn’t have any real way of reaching Uluru (Ayers Rock) and beyond.

Mustering a classic can-do Aussie attitude, Ken bought a bus, handed out a few flyers and began running twice-weekly shuttles to the Rock. Within six weeks, the ‘little bus that could’ was running tours every single day and Ken couldn’t fill them fast enough. The bus became a fleet, one knowledgeable local guide turned into several… and Adventure Tours Australia (ATA to our mates) was born.

Twenty-four years on, it’s still the original ingredients that make our tours what they are: expert guides, a few new mates and a genuine appreciation of the land and its heritage. The close ties we’ve built with numerous First Nations communities are something we’re particularly proud of, adding some 40,000 years of local wisdom to our own knowledge and offering meaningful opportunities for cross-cultural learning. It’s this approach to grassroots travel that has made us the most-trusted brand for trips throughout Australia. The Outback – and beyond – is our backyard and we love the chance to show it off.

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