From the turquoise blues of the Indian Ocean to the sublime rock pools of Karijini and the Kimberleys, Western Australia is vast and varied beyond belief.

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West Coast highlights

Here are some other big attractions in Australia's biggest state:

The Pinnacles, Western Australia

The Pinnacles, an eerie arrangement of jagged rock spires rising like tombstones from the desert sands.

Busselton Jetty, stretching 1.8 kilometres into the sea, is considered the longest wooden structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

A 478 kilometre stretch of railway line that runs across the Nullarbor Plain is the longest dead-straight train track in the world.

Whale sharks passing Ningaloo Reef Western Australia

Whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world, can be seen migrating along the Western Australian coastline between April and June.

Tips for travelling in Western Australia

  • Load up your iPhone with your favourite podcasts, audio books or playlists to help pass the time on long driving days.

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