Since its first departure more than 27 years ago in the Red Centre, Adventure Tours Australia has expanded to become the leader of small group travel experiences Australia-wide.  

ATA (as it’s affectionately known) is an award-winning touring and education operator. More recently with its sister company, Outback Tours Services, the business has won many awards including National Export award, 4 Brolga awards, and over 17 state/territory ‘awards for excellence’. 

Customised Experiences

The itineraries that we have operated in the past have been created to adhere to the curriculum requested by the school. Whilst we have strong contracts with third-party providers (ie hotels) our strengths are providing outback experiences (ie sleeping under the stars) and taking the students out of their comfort zone. Our learning experiences can include: 



Exclusive Facilities

Camps including either swags or permanently tents, each with their own screened eating areas

Flexible Capacity

Capacity to accommodate up to 100 students

Accessible Options 

Vehicles, off-road wheelchairs, and ramp-accessible private and permanently erected tents.

Customised Itineraries

Knowledge and support to create student-appropriate itineraries

First Nations Experiences

Integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences into itineraries. We currently work with 10 independant and 100% owned First People businesses in our FIT programs.

Modern Vehicle Fleet

75 x 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive fleet from 6 seaters to 48-seat coaches

Flight & Tour Packages

Fly in and fly out itineraries with all the on-ground requirements managed by ATA

Exclusive Accommodation

Range of accommodation options available from 1 star (ie sleeping in swags), 2 star (ie permanent tents with beds/linen), 3-5 star (hotel accommodation)

Guides & Training

Underpinning the success of these awards is ATA’s own in-house training program for guides that originated almost 16 years ago. The training program ensures that every guide that leads a school group, adheres to the safety protocol and information required to operate a safe and fun learning experience. The training program also ensures that all guides have successfully completed the following minimum requirements: 

  • First aid certification  
  • State-regulated safety requirements 
  • In-house approved basic mechanics  
  • First Nation Tour Guide Accreditation 

ATA in-house training includes: 

  • Geology and astronomy  
  • Flora and fauna (identification and context) 
  • European and First Peoples of Australia history 
  • Time Management 

The in-house training program ensures that we can create student itineraries and programs that are fully customisable, maximise the students’ connection to the region, and to each other.  

“What I love about my job is that it never gets old. Watching new people having new experiences as the country changes throughout the season is constantly inspiring.”

Adventure Tours Australia WA Guide of the Year 2016

Luke – WA Guide of the year 2016

“I love showing people my backyard, being able to slow them down enough to feel the heartbeat of the country without the distractions of their busy life, phones and WiFi.”

Susanne is an Adventure Tours guide.


“My favourite part is showing people what’s behind the scenes. People think they are coming out to see a beautiful big rock but we really open their eyes to the local Aboriginal culture you can find here and the significance of it.”

Justin is a tour guide with Adventure Tours.



Popular Itineraries:

6 Day Red Centre and Western MacDonnell Ranges

A walk around Uluru, through the domes of Kata Tjuta and into the Garden of Eden within Kings Canyon, is a pilgrimage that every Australian student should experience. Learn about ‘Tjukurpa’ and the connection to land with interactive First Peoples of Australia experiences. Visit Western MacDonnell Ranges attractions such as Glen Helen, Palm Valley, and walk the Red Centre’s best kept secret the ‘Ormiston Pound’ walk. There’s exclusive and permanently erected camp sites located at Uluru, Kings Canyon and Glen Helen, which will reduce the accommodation costs substantially. Although there’s lockable tents, we encourage students to use the swags provided, and sleep under the stars. Optional start/finish at Uluru or Alice Springs.

8 Day Outback icons and the Larapinta Trail

Visit the largest class room in the world, Alice Springs ‘School of the Air’. With other features such as the historical Telegraph Station, and the acclaimed Desert Park, Alice Springs will provide a great learning platform for students of all ages. A three day Larapinta Trail trek will have all students sleeping well under the night sky. We encourage groups to ‘taste the outback’ by trying bush tucker such as witchetty grubs, quandongs and wattle seeds. All camping equipment and meals included (other than arrival and departure days), along with screened eating areas and toilet/shower facilities.

5 Day Central Australia Highlights

Some of our shortest suggested curriculum-approved itineraries include a guided First Peoples of Australia walk, geological explanation of the formation of prominent Red Centre features. If curriculum is significant for the itineraries, they can include focuses on Central Australian plant diversity and their significance to the environment. Additional experiences can include activities such as camel rides, the Field of Lights experience or hot air balloon rides. Accommodation options can be sleeping under the stars to permanently erected camps including beds, linen and lights.

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