135 years since the town’s founding, Broome, capital of the Kimberley, is still traffic light-free. And that’s just how the locals like it. As Broome’s Shire President once put it, traffic lights would spell ‘the beginning of the end’ for this laidback town.

A little dramatic sounding perhaps, but you can see where the bloke’s coming from. Broome’s not the place you come to seek out civilization, but to escape it. Situated more than 1,000 clicks from the next major city, home to fewer than 15,000 folk and settled through a ruthless appetite for pearls, this is as ‘outpost’ as outposts come. Which isn’t to say the town’s any short on attractions. Hop atop a camel for a lope along Cable Beach, verse up on pearling history at the Broome Historical Museum, catch a flick at the world’s oldest outdoor cinema or try and spy Dampier’s ghost searching for his lost loot along Buccaneer Rock.

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