Things tend to go a bit ‘troppo’ up Top End way (that’s Aussie speak for ‘crazy’). How else do you explain an annual boat race where the boats are made from beer cans? Or front-page newspaper headlines like ‘Trespass Notice Served on Cow’? Or reports of fish falling from the sky in a place called Boing Boing? 

Whatever the city’s eccentricities, it’s impossible not to fall a little in love with Darwin. This is a state capital without any illusions as to its place – it’s hard to get snooty after all when your harbour is home to crocs and your suburbs fringed by mangroves – and it’s this proximity to nature that enthralls locals and visitors alike. Want to go barramundi fishing after work? Easy. Keen for some off-road rambling? Litchfield’s but 40-minutes away. Looking to shower beneath some waterfalls? Kakadu awaits. On any of our Darwin tours, adventure’s at your doorstep.

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