Fact: Victoria was nearly called Batmania. That it wasn’t remains a bit of a pity – that would’ve been way cool. As it is though, Melbourne’s still a pretty cool place. It’s got cosy pubs and sultry clubs, eclectic shopping and world-class street art, galleries galore, exceptional eating, late night live music and what is actually the world’s best coffee (yes, you can quote us on that).

One of Melbourne’s best qualities is how easily it can be navigated. While the Melbourne metropolitan area is downright massive, the city and its inner suburbs are well connected by public transport and bike paths. St. Kilda’s beachy vibe and little penguin colony is only a tram ride from Fitzroy’s beatnik bars; Chapel Street’s myriad fashion outlets but a short stroll from the peace and quiet of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Which side of the river’s the best? We’ll let you make the call on that one…

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