With its subtropical climate, gently rolling hills, river weaving through it and grand old Queenslanders (‘Queenslanders’ as in the houses; few Brisbanites people would describe themselves as ‘grand’), it’s always a wonder Brisbane isn’t a bigger fixture on the traveller map.

Queensland’s easygoing capital is a city for those who reckon life’s better lived outdoors. The days here start early, the evenings run late, the sun shines 260 days a year and public parks and picnicking spots are everywhere. Beaches? Inner city South Bank has a good version, but there’s no beating the real ones on North and South Stradbroke Islands. Given this obsession with enjoying the elements, it might then seem a surprise that Brizzy also boasts a vibrant indoors scene. Art galleries are popping up everywhere, café culture’s truly taken hold, and the city’s birthed some of the country’s biggest bands of recent years. Cultural cringe what?

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